Adipurush OTT Rights Sold Or Not, OTT Date & Platform

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Nowadays Audience interest has changed drastically from lockdown. Currently, audiences are reclined towards OTT platforms for house entertainment. Therefore We will provide all the in-depth information about Adipurush OTT Rights Sold Or Not, OTT Date & Platform. Adipurush is the most anticipated movie in the theaters now.

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    Adipurush OTT

    Adipurush was previously released in the previous year but due to some other issues, it could not be released. When the Adipurush team released a preview of the movie, fans, and the audience were dissatisfied with the visuals and poor animations makes some controversy as well. Stay tuned for Adipurush OTT release dates and platform.

    Prepare to be captivated by Adipurush, an upcoming mythological drama starring the dynamic Telugu superstar Prabhas. This larger-than-life cinematic masterpiece is set to become one of India’s most extravagant ventures, with a budget that has soared beyond Rs 500 crore.

    Adipurush OTT Rights Sold Or Not

    The filmmakers are already been got financial success in terms of OTT rights before releasing the movie in the theater. According to emerging rumors, Netflix is poised to secure the streaming rights of Adipurush for an extraordinary sum. The movie’s producers have reportedly garnered Rs 250 crore exclusively from the digital and satellite rights, reinforcing the substantial financial interest surrounding the film.

    The reports suggest that filmmakers have increased the movie theatrical rights in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. As per some reports shows The producers were sold theatrical rights whopping sum of Rs 180 Cr. solely in these regions only.

    All the team members also put extra effort to promote their movie before release. A grand pre-release event has been planned in the scared city of Tirupati

    Adipurush OTT Release Date.

    The movie is released nationwide and The most awaited premiere of Adipurush will hit the theater on 16 June 2023. It will be expected that Adipurush movie will be available on the OTT Platform after 60 days.

    As of now, there is an absence of any official statement by Adipurush officials about the streaming partner for the movie. However, the reports suggest that it will be available on Netflix towards the end of August.

    Adipurush Movie Story

    Adipurush is revamping of Indian Epic story Ramayana. The film portrays as Prabhas as Ram, Kriti Sanon as Sita and Saif Ali Khan as Ravana. The movie story is set in a mythological king of Ayodhya Rama who is exiled for 14 years along with his wife Sit and his brother Lakshmana. During their journey into the forest Sita wife of Rama abducted by Ravana.

    The whole movie is based on how Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman rescued Sita while fighting with Ravana.

    How To Watch Adipurush On OTT Platform?

    1. Install Netflix App or open Netflix in your web browser
    2. Signup if your new member otherwise log in to your account.
    3. Search for Adipurush or it will show in the recommended section
    4. Click on Paynow and start enjoying the movie with the family

    Adipurush Satellite Rights

    Satellite rights refer to the rights acquired by television channels or networks to broadcast a movie on their channels. These rights include the exclusive rights to air the movie on television for a specific period of time within a particular region or territory.

    Following official requests, the TV network has obtained the necessary permissions to stream the movie on its channel and will embark on an extensive promotional campaign in the lead-up to its satellite release.

    However, the film’s digital rights are not been disclosed yet but surely after the release of the movie Adipurush official make it public all the details regarding digital rights.

    Adipurush OTT Platform

    you can watch Adipurush movie with your family members on Netflix which is expected to be released on the OTT Platform at the end of the month of August. Officially Netflix acquired the OTT rights of Adipurush. So subscribe the Netflix to watch the movie. Stay tuned for more such content and Adipurush updates.

    Adipurush Movie Trailer

    The movie trailer refreshes the memory of our Ramayana story with a modern touch. Adipurush Movie Trailer hit 74 Million views on YouTube alone. it generates curiosity among audiences and It surely attracted the audience to watch in the theaters.

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